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Programme Detail: Starting and Multiplying Street Fellowships

Language of this entry English (UK, International)
Name of Programme / Training Resource Starting and Multiplying Street Fellowships
Type of Training Individual standalone programme
Reference Number MTS11
Description Not only are we to evangelise, we are also to train Christians to be responsible disciples who function as Christ’s Body in their community. This course concentrates on beginning groups in homes which then themselves multiply. These principles are applicable both in closed countries and also in the West where secularism, individualism and inhumanity contrast starkly with the values of God’s new humanity in Christ. The syllabus covers: - Assessing different models – house churches, cell churches, G12 groups and street fellowships - Building an effective church planting team - Assessing your area and prayerfully considering how to begin - Planning and ordering your own life and family in preparation for the work - Evangelising to form the first group - Forming a plan for continual discipling - Training new leaders and creating a leadership training structure - Multiplying groups and networking The course is essentially practical but involves prayerful study and reflection as you work in your street to raise up disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is essential that others back you in prayer in this important ministry. You will need to dedicate several hours a week to evangelism and discipleship in your own street.
Keywords mission evangelism discipleship street church planting unity groups
Languages Programme Available in English (UK, International)
Other Languages
Country and region where programme is available International (e.g. distance learning) / All international; United Kingdom / Countrywide; United Kingdom / London
Area of Ministry and Focus Bible Teaching and Training / Discipling and Training Others; Personal Life and Holiness / Personal and Family Holiness; Mission and Evangelism / Evangelism and Apologetics; Mission and Evangelism / Church Planting and Multiplication
Residential/Non Residential Non Residential
Full-time or Part-time Part-time
Level Certificate
Cost Range From US$1,000 to less than US$10,000
Actual Cost £75
Bursaries/scholarships available No
Actual Length 4 months
Average hours of study per week 5
Methods of instruction Correspondence by letter or e-mail. Reading from a text book and a workbook. Short assignments. Telephone suppport. Face to face meetings when possible.
Percentage of time spent in formal learning (e.g. lectures, structured reading, work-books, etc.) 10
Percentage of time spent on non-formal skill-based learning (e.g. learning on the job and supervised practice, etc.) 40
Percentage of time spent in informal unstructured learning (e.g. prayer times, teamwork). 50
Average number of students who take the programme per year (or, if this is a new programme, the number who can be accommodated) 20
Prerequisite Programmes None.
Other Prerequisites A Christian committed to serving God in his or her street
Qualifications gained Certificate in Street Church Ministry
Qualifications this programme is part of Diploma in Missions
Programme Accredited by
Other Accrediting Bodies